29 December 2010

Still Moving Stuff Around

I wrote before that I'm moving stuff around in the studio at the moment. I'm doing some changes at the main desk especially on the digital audio part. The reason is that I found some nice reverbs that I want to add later on and I need to make room for them. The first thing I did was move the Apogee Big Ben. Here you can see it on its new position. In the bottom is a digital Roland mixer that can mix 4 SPDIF signals into 1. It will replace the Friend-Chip DMX-12 above it that I use to switch between those 4 signals now. So I don't need to switch anymore later on. I can play all for  of those digital synthesizers now on 1 input. I'll probably sell the DMX-12 Digital Patchbay after that.

The next thing I had to do is create two more AES/SBU connections. I will do that by connecting the Eventide H8000 (that is still broken) over AES/SBU in stead of ADAT. I'm only using 4 channels on it anyway (dual stereo setup) and the other 4 channels I can use then for the new reverbs. To translate the ADAT I had now into 4 AES/SBU connections and back I'm using a RME ADI8-DD digital format converter. It is the bottom RME device in the picture. I got this one quite cheap on E-bay and it is already connected and works like a charm :)

And this is the first new Reverb that I'll hook up soon. It is an Eventide DSP4000 that will start as a replacement of the H8000 when I ship it for repair. I will hook it up soon, I hope it can match the sound of the H8000 a bit, since I'm sure I'll miss the H8000 when it is gone. Also this unit I found very cheap on E-bay by chance. Must be my lucky week ;) Hopefully tomorrow I can give it a spin. I'll keep you updated on the rest of the reverb stuff. Seems that I'm even more addicted to reverbs at the moment than synthesizers :D

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