30 December 2010

Apollo Studio Decoration (Part 5)

The last week we worked some more on some models to decorate the Apollo studio. In the picture on the left you can see a Gemini capsule. The Gemini project followed the Mercury project and sent two astronauts in to space in stead of one Mercury. On the Mercury project also EVA's (Extra-Vehicular Activity, or space-"walks") were trained for the first time and also rendezvous and docking. After the successful Gemini project the Apollo project followed.

And here is an overview of the whole history of the three programs.  From left to right you can see the Apollo Command Module attached to the Apollo Lunar lander. In the middle is the Gemini capsule with the last stage still attached and on the right is the Mercury capsule with the big escape tower still on. I really like this overview. The whole history of the Space Race is starting to interest more and more. I'm reading about it a lot now and I'm also watching some documentaries in preparation of the Apollo album.

This project is getting larger for me than just Apollo and maybe I'll have to do something about the whole Space Race theme in the future as well. This one could not miss in the whole history of space. It is a model of the Sputnik satellite that the Russians brought into orbit on October 4th of 1957. This is really what started the whole Space Race. The Americans were terrified that the Russians had this capabilities because now they could also launch a nuclear weapon into the US and this was also the start of the 'Cold War'.

And here is another model that we build with the Apollo Command Module docked to a Russian Soyuz. This event took place after the last official Apollo Mission (Apollo 17) and therefor is also referred to as Apollo 18. This docking of an American and Russian spaceship in the middle of the Cold War was a turning point for the relationship between these two superpowers and it was the event that eventually led to the end of the Cold War. If you are interested in all this just go to Wikipedia and read up on the Space Race: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_race

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