16 December 2010

Apollo Studio Decoration (Part 4)

Last week I worked some more on the studio decoration. This time I build some pre-Apollo stuff. I decided to not only go for Apollo but for the whole Space Race history. Here is a model that I build of the Mercury Capsule. Especially the red escape tower was a lot of work. Almost all those struts were loose components. Recently I did a track about the Mercury Project that you can find on my website on this URL: http://www.synth.nl/music/samplers/schallplattexii

And the rocket that started the whole Space Race is in the picture on the right. It is a German V2 rocket that was used for destructive purposes in the WWII. After the war the German Wernher von Braun who designed this rocket defected to the Americans and started building rockets in the USA that eventually led up to the Apollo project. The Russians on the other hand seized the remains of the V2 factories and designed their rockets as well based on the V2 design.

I also worked a little bit more with my youngest daughter on the Space Shuttle. I is already looking a bit like it now :) But there is also a launch pad going with it and the big booster rockets. We still need to build those. Also the paint job is still not done as you can see. I found some more nice models on E-bay including some very old Russian space models. One of them put the first Satellite called Sputnik into space and also the one that put Yuri Gagarin as the first man into space. So the coming period we don't have to be bored :)

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