05 December 2010

Apollo Studio Decoration (Part 3)

Last week I did a lot of painting with my daughters on the models we are building to decorate the Apollo studio. These two models are right in the theme for the next Apollo album. On the left you see the Apollo Command Module and right the LEM (Moon Lander). They are glued together like they were in orbit over the moon transferring astronauts from the Command Module to the LEM just before the LEM would descent to the Moon's surface.

As you can see in the picture on the right, this model is made in a lot smaller scale than the LEM we build before. It is quite small actually and that actually makes it more difficult to build than the larger one. Less parts, but very small parts that you can hardly hold between your fingers. They have to go in the right spot of course and then they also needed to be painted. It is still fun to do though in the mean time we are still building more models at the same time.

The only problem is that we were short in some colors of paint so I asked them from our dear Sinterklaas. A traditional festivity that we celebrate with the kids today (5th of December). Everyone gets presents. It is a bit the same as Santa Claus with Christmas, but then different in many ways as well. Click on the link above to an article on Wikipedia if you are interested. Hopefully we can continue tomorrow then ;) And if you are wondering if I'm not doing anything musical at the moment. Yes I am for sure. More about that later this week ;)

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