19 November 2010

Using The Last Space in the Studio

Last week I made good use of the last space in the studio. Together with Gerrit that also build my studio desk, we mounted some planks on the wall to put stuff on. Here is a picture left of the door just above the movable modular rack. We mounted some rails there with hooks where you can put planks on. In this way you can decide later on, on which height you want something. That makes it very flexible. I will use these planks to put some Apollo studio decoration on. The Moon-lander is already up there now.

Between two rows of synthesizers there was another gap. Those of you who visited my studio know that it is already quite full there, but here was still some room. So we mounted three planks there as well to put stuff on. I build some little desktop synthesizers before like the AVRSynth32 and the MB6582 and they put there quite well. Not to use them of course because then you want to have them in front of you, but just to put them away. I can't use everything at the same time anyway.

And also above the far left and far right screen in the studio we mounted a bigger plank. I'll probably use them to put on some more studio decoration stuff. I'm not sure yet :) We'll see about that, but at last the room is there. In the process of mounting this I accidentally damaged one of the screens by the way. I pushed a bit too hard with my thumb on the screen and that resulted in a crack it :( After that it was unusable. Luckily my wife had the same screen on her monitor so I used that one and gave her another one. Too bad this happened, but ah well.. I'm used to setbacks by now :)

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