11 November 2010

Surround Setup Working

I wrote before that I would like to do some music with surround sound in the future. Preferably music for a movie or a documentary. (well keep on dreaming). I already put up the surround speakers in studio on specially made stands, but last week I did the cabling of these speakers. They are hooked up to an SPL surround controller, but I also needed a surround decoder. I found this little box from Teuffel. A German company that makes speakers, but also makes these stand alone DTS 5.1 decoders. I must say I really works fine.

You can see the Eminent media player on the Mixcube. It is a very small box but it streams everything from mp3, divx, mkv and you can even hook up a DVD or Bluray player, but I mainly stream audio from a little NAS file server. You can also see the found speakers sets I have in the studio now. From left to right. My Genelec 8250's those are my main stereo monitors, then the Mackies HR-824 MK1's , Avantone mix cubes and on the upper right the Behringer Thruths. I have five of them with a sub as my 5.1 monitor setup now.

Here is on of the surround speakers in the back. Today I tested everything and tried to get the levels and delays of the surround setup right. I must say I sounds very nice on this set. Not bad at all :) Below the Behringer and right of the Mix Cube you can see the SPL surround controller. It has a big knob to control the volume of all 6 surround channels at the same time. You can also select between two surround and two stereo sources. And you can also hookup a stereo monitor set. I route this signal back to my stereo controller. And from there I route also a signal to one of the SPL's stereo input. So in this way I can also use the behingers as a stereo reference. In the eminent I can also switch to HDMI or SPDIF audio. The SPDIF port goes to the Teuffel Surround Decoder and the HDMI audio out goed to a HDMI switch that can extract the audio again on SPDIF. And that one I route to my stereo setup. So I can listen to a movie from the Eminent on my Genelecs too. I hope you can still get it all. But actually anything can go anywhere :)

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