19 November 2010

Great Fun at Hampshire Jam 9

Last weekend I joined the Ron Boots and his new band 'Morpheusz' on a trip to the UK. They played on an Electronic Music festival called 'The Hampshire Jam 9' in the Millennium Hall in Liphook. I went a long just for fun and to help out as a 'roadie' and to sell CD's at the Groove stall. We had great fun over there and they gave a very nice show over there. Morpheusz also released a new CD recently called 'Days of Delirium & Nocturnal Nightmares' on the Groove Unlimited label. If you are interested in the music you can find some clips on the Groove Unlimited website at http://www.groove.nl/ and you can order it over there as well if you like it.

Here is a picture with the other band members. On the left is Eric van der Heijden on synthesizers, on the right is Frank Dorittke on guitar and in the back is Harold van der Heijden on drums. Next to my also Harry was there he is not in any of the pictures though since he took them :) Harry went along just like me for fun and as a roadie. Morpheusz is a real band now and they play music that is more close to Prog Rock than traditional EM, but the audience seems to love it. They just have fun on stage and that is addictive to look at. It is so much better to look at a real band than just a guy sitting behind a notebook in my opinion.

Our trip went very smooth. We left on Friday morning early to Duinkerke in France were we took the boat to Dover. From Dover we drove to Liphook where we had a hotel with a little restaurant next to it where we had breakfast in the morning. We drove with two station cars packed with equipment that we had to load and unload a couple of times because we could not leave the stuff in the car. At night we put the stuff in out hotel room to prevent it from being stolen. The gig was on Saturday and that night we also stayed in the hotel to drive back to Dover and back home on Sunday morning. The six of us had a lot of fun over there and I already said to Ron that even though I was tired after the weekend I would gladly go along the next time again.

Here is a picture of the little stall we had in the hall of the Millennium Hall. We sold quite some CD's there actually. Of course a lot of the Morpheusz CD when people walked out of the gig, but I also promoted my own music a bit of course ;) So hopefully I'll have some more requests for CD's coming from the UK the coming period. If you look closely you can see my CD's in the picture and also the new 'Refuge en Verre' album I made together with Ron. The atmosphere there in England is very nice by the way. I can recommend it. The people are very friendly and open and somehow seem to have a lot of humor. I really like that. Great weekend. Thanks guys!

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