11 November 2010

Beamer working in the Studio

When we build the new studio I told you that we also build a little in-house cinema. Before that we used to watch movies in the living room on a beamer, but in the cinema we bought a new Full HD beamer with HDMI. I kept the old beamer back then to use it in the studio. And today I finally hooked it up. Only everything has HDMI now and the beamer doesn't. I found a nice little device called a HD Fury 2 that converts  a1080p HDMI signal into VGA. This beamer is able to display that on 16:9 and it looks quite OK :) I was surprised actually about the quality.

Here is a picture I took without flash from the screen that I project on.  It is an electric screen that I can also put up when I don't need it. You also see that the same picture is also on the left and right LCD screen, that I usually use as extra screens on my PC's in the studio. I can do that because those screens are both hooked up to HDMI switches with multiple outputs and the beamer is connected to those switches as well. I do the same trick on there as I do with my sound monitors. I connect the output from the first to the input of the second switch and back. In this way I can put the picture of any source on any of these three screens. Very convenient.

And here is another overview with all the screens. Doesn't it look nice? :) Oh and just in case you are wondering which movie is playing on the screens. It is Monsters Inc. I love those computer animated movies. I'd love to do some 3D work myself, but unfortunately no talent there ;) I can do some video editing. And that is what I'd like to do some day. Make a DVD or even better a Bluray with some video's and surround versions of some of my better tracks from my albums. A sort of  'best of', but that will take a long time I'm afraid before that will be done. First some more solo work on CD. The only thing left now todo is hook up a HDMI over UTP converter to get rid of the long loose HDMI cable that is hanging in my studio now. And I still need to hook up the outputs of the RME fireface 800 (on my video PC) to the surround controller. More about that next week :)

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