11 November 2010

Leak Finally Fixed (Hopefully)

Since the last repair it rained a lot and every time I went down in the studio anxiously to see if there was water in my buckets and that didn't happen for weeks on a row now. So I eventually even removed the buckets and called our constructor to come by and put the terrace back. And it has been storming outside all day and it still dry. I'm still not 100 percent sure though because we have thought a couple of times already that the leak was fixed and every time it started dripping again. But I'm starting to get my hopes.up

Too bad it is autumn now and the weather is starting to get worse and worse. Because it would be nice to sit outside and finally enjoy our garden again. Well at least we had some nice days to take a picture again of the finished garden. You can see our little waterfall in the back. Well this story has been going on for long enough I guess now. So hopefully I will never have to write again about this leak. If I do I can promise you that I will be very annoyed, but help me to hope for the best :)

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