07 July 2010

Yamaha SY-2 added to the Collection

On E-bay I found this mint Yamaha SY-2 (bottom one in the picture) . It is one of the first monophonic analog synthesizers that Yamaha build. (right after the SY-1). It was produced from 1974-1978 so it is quite old. It is kind of a preset synthesizer like the Roland SH-2000 that you can see in the picture on top, but you can override a lot of the parameters. So that makes it very flexibel. And it sounds like nothing else really :) Just like on the SH-2000 it has aftertouch, but it is even better on the SY-2. It makes a nice set together with the Yamaha CS-50 doesn't it? Lots of colored knobs :) Well the SY-2 also has no midi or CV gate like the other two. That wouldn't be usable anyway since the after-touch doesn't work then. And especially that is what makes all three of these synthesizer so special. It is a welcome addition to the collection. You'll surely hear it on some future recording.

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