25 July 2010

Apollo Studio Tech (Part 1)

A while ago I made a schematic like this for my previous AtmoSphere studio, but lots has changed since then. So last week I made a new schematic for my current Apollo Studio. You can see the main components in my studio and the connections between them. I used different colors to show the different protocols that are used. Please keep in mind that one line doesn't mean it is just one wire. It can represent more connections that all would do the same thing. It is just a logical layout. You can click the picture of the schematic for a larger version. I will post some more articles in the coming period to explain what it all it.

Here already some colors and what they represent:
  • Red - Analog audio
  • Blue - Digital audio (SPDIF or AES 2 channels of audio in one fiber)
  • Green - ADAT (8 channels of digital audio in one fiber)
  • Dark Yellow - MADI (64 channels of digital audio in one fiber pair)
  • Purple - Word Clock
  • Gray - Midi
  • Dark Magenta - USB
  • Dark Purple - Firewire
Some colors are a bit difficult to distinguish, but the articles coming will explain it all. What you can discover now is that the audio path in the schematic is going from left to right. Starting at the synthesizers and ending at the monitor speakers. And the midi and USB is running between the synthesizers, FX and the Midi interfaces and A880's. Well have fun looking at it and more is coming :)

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