15 July 2010

Leak still not Found :(

You probably won't believe it, but after all this time it is still leaking in my studio. Last week we had some pretty bad weather here in The Netherlands with some heavy rainfall and again the water was coming down from the ceiling in my studio. I called the constructor again and he now suspected that the water level was just rising to high on our terrace. I told him that I had never seen water standing on there before, but he wanted to do an experiment.

So he took out some tiles and made some kind of canal into a hole. In there he placed a pump to take the water out and dump it further away through a hose. We tested the pump with some water from our garden hose and the pump seemed to work. We knew that more bad weather was coming that night, so I had to watch what happened when it was starting to rain. Based on this we could take some conclusions.

Unfortunately we could conclude that this didn't help much, because the water was coming down again. I just managed to catch one drop in this picture, but believe me that was not the only one. It was quite a stream actually. When I watched outside there was not that much water in the canal and the put wasn't even full. The water level was certainly lower than the terrace and still it was leaking. So at least we have one more thing to scratch of the list, but I'm really not happy. I have hired another company now to manage this problem and they have suggested to hire a company to me that is specialized in finding leaks. I'm afraid this story hasn't come to an end just yet :(

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