21 July 2010

Synth.nl & Ron Boots album coming 9th of October!!

I have some rather exciting news for you! And another reason that I was postponing Apollo for. So do read this post :) In 2007 I signed up with the record label Groove Unlimited. One of the owners of this label and also a very good musician is Ron Boots. Ron and I have become very good friends over time and we visit each other on regular bases. Also the wife, kids and even the dogs like each other. So in 2010 we decided to rent a house in the Belgian Ardennes together for a weekend.

Ron and I both brought a synthesizer and a laptop and tried to make music together for the first time. Actually that went very well and we recorded quite some tracks there. I'm still surprised how quick this went. After the weekend we decided that we would release this music on CD. So we started to work on finishing the music together when we got back. The album will be called 'Refuge en Verre'. That was the name of the house we rented actually. The album will be released by Groove Unlimited at the E-live festival in Oirschot (NL) on the 9th of October 2010.

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