19 July 2010

Winnies Schwingungen Party 2010

Last weekend I visited Winnies Schwingungen Party in Hamm Germany. It was an amazing event. It is a closed (invitation-only) private concert in the middle of a residential area in a garden. Really amazing what happened there. There were about 60 visitors including artists and press. It all started at 14:00 and I think it lasted until 02:00 !! And all the time there were artists playing live, like Remy Stroomer, Matzumi, FD Project, Ron Boots with Harold and Eric van der Heijden. I was there together with my wife and it was actually our wedding anniversiry day.

We both had a great time, but were very tired in the end. And then we still had 2 hours to drive back. That was actually the hardest part of the day. I found these pictures made by Hans Herman Hess from The Electronic Circus festival. I hope he doesn't mind that I used them ;) We actually forgot our own camera unfortunately. Well I hope they organize this party again next year. I will be there for sure if they invite me again. I'm looking forward to it. I would like to thank everyone involved in the organization for a terrific time!

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