03 March 2010

Surround Speaker Came Down

Well the fun on the temporary Surround Monitoring Setup I wanted to make ended before I got the chance to wire them up. One of the speakers actually fell down. In the picture you can see that the bolts we used to fasten them came down from the wall. I have been very lucky that no synthesizer was damaged with this. Apperently it came down very slowly and was resting on my V-Synth GT and hanging by the safety wire that you can still see in the picture. The reason is clear. The guy from Sjoerd productions didn't have the right drill and used duck tape around the bolt. He was sure that would hold. Well apparently it didn't. As a precaution I took all the remaining speakers down as well. And when I did that I saw that actually all of them were coming lose from the wall already :( I contacted the guy who installed this and we decided to go for bigger bolts and this time the right size drill ;) To be continued. Oh and while were talking disaster anyway. It is also still leaking :(

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