13 March 2010

Modular Desk Extension (Part 3)

Last week my furniture builder Gerrit came back to install the 19 inch profiles in the new modular desk extension he made. I put some stuff in there I had lying around just to see if it fits. Eventually this rack will be filled with some DIY I will be making on 19 inch format and I also plan to install some 19 inch cabinets in there that can hold eurorack format modules. I also moved the Roland Space Echo to this rack as you can see. It will stay there for sure. I plan to use this tape echo machine extensively in my new modular setup. I'm now looking actually for 2 good eurocard racks for a project I'm planning. It will be a clone of a TR909 and TR808. So yes more drum modules planned for the future, but I still have a lot of work to do before you will see anything of those. But I'm very happy with this new extension now.

And here is the lower part of the new extension. It is also fitted with 19 inch profile. On the bottom are some power sockets to hook up the equipment that is on my modular desk (the pedals) and also for the mobile rack in front of it that is in the picture below. I also mounted 3 19 inch drawers to hold the DIY stuff I'm working on. Now it is not lying around on the floor anymore so the studio looks much more tidied up now. Above those drawers is an amplifier that I will use for the speakers that are now on top of the modular cabinet. So hopefully I will have some good audio over there soon in stead of the PC speakers I have used so far. And on top in this cabinet is a power bar with switches that I'll use to switch the power for the modules in the cabinet on top and also the amplifier and the lower power bar.

And here is a last overview picture of this new corner of my studio. I think I really made optimal use of all the space that was left there. The mobile rack hold the Cwejman S1 MK2, Red Square and the Semtex. I used this set extensivly on my last album to create the various sound effects in the tracks. It is very convenient that I can roll this rack also to my main desk. I'm sure I'll use it on my next album as well next to some stuff I made on the big modular setup (at least when I have finished it in time). In the bottom of this rack is a Roland SH-09 that I also use as CV keyboard for this rack. Next thing to do for me now is to hook up all the power to the power bar in the lower rack. I have to shorten some cables for that and also change the connectors. Hopefully I'll have that ready next week. Not difficult, but just takes some time :)


Timtainment said...

Wow - mooier dan ooit :)

Een heel mooi weekend!!

Groeten van Hamburg Tim :)

Synth.nl said...

Dank je wel :)