24 March 2010

Modular Desk Extension (Part 4)

I also finished work last week on the newly installed extension on my modular desk. First of all I installed power in it with a 19 inch power switch bar. I move the PAIA 9700S into the 19 inch rack and in its place I installed an equalizer and DI. From here I wired the amplifier in the bottom 19 inch rack. This all works now, so I finally have good sound too (from the front) on this side of the studio. So far I used a couple of PC speakers, but this is way better of course. I also wired the power on the mobile modular rack that you seen on the right. There is just one power cable coming from it now in stead of four. The modular desk is really started to take shape now. I still have a lot of modules to finish and even some projects yet to start, but more and more starts to actually work :) I will post a new overview picture very soon.

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