15 March 2010

Oakley Multimix Module

Today I finished another Oakley module. This time it is a Multimix module. A versatile audio mixer module that you can build in different variants. I opted for the Stooge version since that fits the front panel that I got from Bridechamber. As you can see here from the back the wiring is quite easy. This one came with an extra PCB for the jack connectors and so you only have to make the interconnections between these two PCB. The options you can choose are done my jumpers you can solder on the PCB. Maybe you can see them when you click on the picture.

I found out by now that you can never have enough mixer modules. There are a lot of signals in a big modular setup like I'm building and somehow and somewhere they have to be mixed together. This mixer module is a bit different though than the ones I build from Yusynth. You can not only add the signals from the 3 inputs, but you can also subtract them. The zero position is actually in the middle of the potmeters. You can also tap the input signals without mix from the modules outputs again. Input 1 goes to Output 1, Input 2 to Output 3 and only Output 3 contains the mixed signal from all the inputs. If you look closely at the picture you can just see the power distribution board as well behind the module. I still need to wire the whole power system in the cabinet, but for now I have one of these boards in there.

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