27 March 2010

Modular Progress Overview 3

I promised to make a new overview picture of the modular that I'm building. As you can see the center cabinet is almost filled up, but not everything in there is ready yet. Only the modules with all knobs on are done and tested. On the left extension there is still space for some MOTM style modules. I will build some more drum modules that will go in there. And on the right there is more room for 19 inch stuff. I'm still waiting for a power supply from MOTM and some power distribution boards. So not everything is powered yet. But when that stuff arrives that will be the first job I'm going to do. But for now I'm still working on finishing up a lot of modules that are halfway done or so. I think I'm also halfway the whole project now. So this picture is a nice landmark I guess for that :) You can click the picture by the way for a bigger version.

1 comment:

Pulak said...

It's simply great news, go on my friend, till it finishes for us to have output from it. It's like a entire studio. My best wishes for you.