09 June 2008

Trinity and Jupiter 8 in the Studio

Today I finally put the Jupiter 8 in the studio in my analog corner. It literally overshadows the Juno 106 now. But the nice thing is that I can still use them both. I won't use the keys of the Jupiter 8 to play on but I can still reach it well enough to tweak a sound. For the rest it is connected through midi (via the build in encore midi kit) so I can use any remote keyboard that I want. I still have to figure out how the encore midi kit works, since I didn't get to test that at the synth meeting. Time flies when you are having fun! I'll try to do that this week. At least it is connected now and I'm happy that I won't have to move it again for a while. It is still heavy I found out today :)

I also added another synthesizer today. It is a Korg Trinity. I didn't ever really knew this one, but I heard so many positive reactions about it that I wanted to try it out. Well I can tell you it is here to stay! To begin with it looks great :) It is made of brushed aluminum as you can see on the picture on the right. No plastic rubbish here. It also has a very nice touch screen display. I think it was the first Korg synthesizer to have this actually. Its sound is very digital but very great as well. I just browsed through some sounds today and fell in love right away. Just one layered pad sound from it can make a complete track. I know it is the predecessor of the Korg Triton. Well I had a Korg Karma which has the same engine, but I can tell you. The Trinity will blow a triton away!

I also found a nice spot for the Trinity as well in my digital corner. I put it just behind the Korg M3 and the Roland V-Synth GT. It is funny to see 3 synthesizers with a touch screen on a row. Also the Trinity is a bit far away to comfortably play on, but it is also hooked up with midi off course like everything in my studio, so I can play it again on any keyboard I want. I jammed a bit this afternoon on the M3, Trinity and V-Synth GT and I completely lost time :) That is a very good sign! I just should have recorded it :( But you will definitely hear some Korg Trinity sounds on future albums.

I found out while looking for documentation that there also is a Moss board for the Trinity with the sounds of the Korg Z1. As I mentioned before I liked that a lot as well on the synth meeting, but I found out also that this board is more expensive than a used Korg Z1.

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