19 June 2008

Korg MS2000R

I recently sold the RME Fireface 400 that I used on my notebook in the past. But since I hardly work on my music any more on my notebook I had no need for it anymore. I bought two synthesizer from that money. The first is a nice Korg MS2000R. The R stands for 'Rack' and it is a Virtual Analog Synthesizer. It has the same sound engine as the MicroKorg that I bought before, but I found out (like a lot of people) that it is not very easy to edit the MicroKorg. I do like the sound though. Quite powerful in the low end actually. The MS2000R has a lot of knobs and that makes tweaking sounds a lot easier. The build in step sequencer is also great. I did have some trouble to sync it to midi clock, but I found out that it was running an old OS version. After I upgraded to the latest version it worked like a charm.

I found a nice spot for the MS2000R in my digital corner. Actually it was the spot I reserved for an Arturia Origin, but I heard recently that it isn't coming any time soon. So I decided to fill up that spot. As you can see I now have a lot of knobs up close now that I can tweak. Ideal for creating sounds and recording turning of the knobs real time. Funny detail by the way was that it took me a while to figure out how to turn the MS2000R on ;) The power switch is on the volume knob, like turning on an old car radio. Not very logical in my opinion but, well it does the job. Last night I had a little Korg only jam with the M3, Radias, MicroKorg and MS2000R. Really fun. And as always I thought.... I should have recorded this. Well I didn't. Maybe next time.

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Anonymous said...

The power/volume knob is like the original Korg MS20 back in the 80s...