22 June 2008

Sampling: Air Force Airshow

I did some more sampling yesterday. We went with the kids to the 'Luchtmacht Open Dagen' which is the annual Airshow that our Royal Dutch Air Force organizes. As you might know from my 'AeroDynamics' album I served some time in the Dutch Air Force where I worked as a mechanic on the F-16 fighter plane. My track 'Falcon' is also about this time and you hear some F-16 samples in it as well. In the picture on the left (kindly provided by http://konflikty.pl/) you see this magnificent plane during landing. It is a very fine piece of engineering and though it is getting a bit of an old lady it still performs outstanding. I love the way it can manouvre and off course the sound it produces. Sampling was a bit difficult because the kids were complaining about the noise a lot. And yes it is quite loud :) Here you can hear a sample of a simulated airfield attack that they did during the show. The low bangs you hear were simulated bombs they dropped. Very low and very loud :)


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