19 June 2008

Roland JX-3P

Another synthesizer I recently acquired for my collection it the Roland JX-3P. You can get these really cheap and actually it is a very nice analog synthesizer. It comes from the same family as the Roland JX-8P I already had, but it sounds very different. Actually no comparison at all. The Roland JX-3P is much punchier. It has 2 DCO's per voice with 6 voices in total and a very nice analog filter. And it has the famous (but a bit noisy) Roland chorus on it, making the sound very special right away. It also has a build in sequencer, that I'll probably never use, but back then I'm sure it was very impressive. The midi implementation is very simple though (only note on and note off) so it isn't midi clock syncable.

I put the Roland JX-3P up a new 3 synth stand in my studio behind one of my racks. It also holds the Roland JX-8P that I recently moved and the Ensoniq ESQ-1 that is back from repair. The Ensoniq ESQ-1 has a new battery and now is running the latest OS version 3.5. This stand uses up about the last space I had left in the studio. So you might ask are you done collecting now?? Well no :) I'm afraid I never will and I have become very creative in finding yet another spot. And I can tell you now that I have big plans to build a new studio in the end of the year. I'm preparing for that big project now and will let you in to these plans very soon. This will be the biggest project so far. But I need to finish my new album first and after that I can focus on that project.


Joel said...

What a beautiful site that is!

Alas, if such devices turned up at my front door my wife would probably take to me with a baseball bat ;)

Synth.nl said...

Thank you. Just take the baseball bat away when she isn't looking some day :)