29 June 2008

Sampling: MotoGP (TT) Assen 2008

Last weekend I did even more sampling. I was invited by a business relation to go to the Moto GP in Assen (Netherlands). The Moto GP is kind off the 'Formula 1' of motorbikes. This motor race is also called the 'TT Assen'. It is quite famous all over the world. I was not really into motorbikes untill now. It was a great experience! They go really fast and look how flat they go in the corners. There were multiple races during the day 125CC, 250CC, 500CC (the main event) but also a rookie race and the sidecars. So it was really a full days program. We were wined and dined very well and we could go anywere we wanted on the circuit. A real VIP treatment :) I did sampling of all the races and also took some pictures as you can see on the left. Well if you want to know what it sound like, here is a sample again:


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