09 July 2008

ASM-2 (Part 5)

I haven't posted much progress on the ASM-2 project. That is because I had some trouble finding two very simple 120 nF capacitors. Well I got a very spontaneous E-mail from very nice guy from the US offering me to order them for me at his supplier. Don't you just love the Internet for that? He even ordered two different kinds so I could choose. And he didn't even want anything for it. So I sent him a copy of my CD to thank him. And on the left you see the type I chose. They fitted perfectly. (LB thank you again!!)

I also had trouble finding the right heat sinks for the power regulators. Elby made some mounting holes in the PCB so they are more fixed and not all the weight are on the leads of the power regulators. Eventually I decided to ask Elby Designs to send them along with an order I placed for more stuff. I mailed this after the order was already payed and told them to let me know what the costs would be, but they even included them for free! Great service! Not I have everything for the ASM-2 PCB. I only need to find me two M3 bolts and nuts to fasten the heat sinks to the power regulators. I'll probably have some laying around somewhere.

So what did I order from Elby? Well the ASM-2 PCB is not the only PCB that is needed. The ASM-2 Wizard design also includes a PolyDAC. This is a 4 Channel Midi to CV converter. After this I will also have to make a power supply. This PCB is rather simple though. So I'm even considering to make it myself, but I'm not sure about that yet. As you can see this PCB is double sided and has a silk screen again. So luxurious soldering again :)

I also ordered the complete component kit. I was getting a bit tired of finding the right components every time. So yes I'm a bit lazy on this project. In the picture on the right you see the complete kit. All the components are conviently bagged and tagged. So you don't even have to search. Very nicely done by Elby designs.

I'm looking forward to build this PolyDAC and my daughter as well. She loves to look up the component numbers on the PCB. So I let her do that. She already wanted to start on it yesterday, but I needed to do some other stuff first. But probably tomorrow we will begin on the contruction of this PCB. I'll update you when it is done :)

I can hear you thinking now: 'You must have a pile of PCB's by now?'. Uhh yes as a matter of fact I do. You can see it in the picture on the left. There is even a larger PCB on the bottom ;) A future project I'll let you guess at for now. But don't worry I'm going to finish all these projects. I just have very chaotic way of doing everything at the same time. I need that I guess to keep inspired. But I always finish what I start. It will just take some time before it is all done.

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