26 August 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 13)

I worked a lot on finished the music for the Apollo album the last weeks, so I didn't have much time to work on the 3D stuff. But today I didn't feel very well and I couldn't set my mind to the music, so I picked up the 3D work. I did another version of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building. This time I use an extra plugin called Vue X-stream to add an atmosphere. The clouds and the sunlight are generated by this plugin. They are computer generated and no pictures. This stuff actually moves too and you can use wind and everything. The only problem is though that this still picture rendered for like 28 hours. So I guess I'd need to cut back on the quality to make an animation from it.

I couldn't help myself and just had to try some other stuff with this software too. Here is a picture I rendered with only Vue. I think it looks so cool :) You see the Sun shining through the thick cloud layer and the water also looks amazing. And yes the water animates too and responds also to wind etc. I did color correct the picture a little bit afterwards, but not much. I guess this kind of atmosphere is a bit too dramatic though for the Apollo project. But I sure love it :)

And here was my first attempt of a sun set with Vue. Only a sun, some water and some clouds. It is amazing that you can generate this with a computer isn't it? I'm sure you'll see more picture like this from me and I can't wait to do animation as well. I think they will go well with my music. But enough distraction for now, I need to go back to the music. So far it is looking good. I'm still on schedule and Hans has also started the mastering process in the mean time. We are fine tuning the mixes now, but musically everything is as good as done. So still go for the 1st of October as it looks now. I'll keep you posted.

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