03 August 2011

Alesis iO Dock in the Studio

Yesterday I picked up an Alesis iO Dock from I4 Muzique in Eindhoven (NL). I think this is one of the best Ipad gadgets out there. I was struggling a bit with the RTP midi over Wifi and really wanted some decent midi adapter. Well here it is :) It has midi in and out and also audio in and out on decent jack connectors. It even has a video out. Another thing is that this thing also acts as a charger at the same time. You can easily slide your Ipad in and out and it is very stable. I can highly recommend it for serious Ipad users who want to use it in the studio. I think you can also hook up and USB midi keyboard if you want to play on some synthesizer that is running on your Ipad but I haven't tested that yet. The midi works great so now I can really start using my favorite App called Midi Touch.

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