08 February 2009

Synth mounting done

Last week we did a lot of work in the house. We had to move a lot of stuff around so I haven't updated much. I did a lot of work in the studio as well. On Monday a specialist company came and drilled out the broken bolts from the wall. That went quite easy actually. The whole thing took less than an hour. After that I pulled out all the plugs from the holes and drilled all the wholes about 1 cm deeper. And then I remounted the synth mounts. In the picture on the left you can see the result. I used all new bolts just to be sure that I wouldn't have stressed them too much already. The guy that drilled out the holes advised me to drill them even with 11 mm in stead of 10 since the plugs had friction enough.

After that I started to move all the remaining synthesizers from my old studio and mounted them directly on the new synth mounts. In the picture on the right you can see the end result. Looks nice right? :) There is even room for one more I think on each stand, but for now that is not nessacary. I tried to mount synth that I play on more on the lower and and the ones that I only play with midi on top. Last week I also hooked up all these synths to the power distribution. So now I can easily switch them all on and off from the central panel.

Here is the stand I mounted on the other side above my Eminent 310. All synthesizers on that side of the room are Analog machines by the way. On top of the Eminent I also put the EHX Mistress and Smallstone. I can't wait to finally play on that again, but first I have to finish the work. In case you are wondering why this move is taking me so long (I had some questions about that). I can't work on this full time. I also have a job, a family and we completely renovated our home, so there is more work on other places of the home as well. You already know about the Cinema and Server Room but we also build a new work room for my wife, a new place for the washing machine and dryer and an extra garage. Besides that I'm also turning my old studio into a game room for the kids (and papa). So lots of work to be done.

So by now every piece of equipment is in the new studio. The last thing I moved was the old Elektor Formant synthesizer that I'm renovating. I put it on top of the smaller desk next to the ASM-2. Two projects I can't wait to start working on as well. But unfortunately I only have two hands. I could use some more, and also 48 hours in a day would be nice :) Well I'm also still cabling in the studio. Last week I hooked up all the digital synths with SPDIF. Today I'm taking some rest and next week I'm continuing with the cabling job. I'll keep you updates as usual of course :)

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