01 February 2009

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 11)

I talked a couple of times before about the smaller desk that Gerrit was building for my studio. Well last week he finished the installation of this desk. You can see it in the picture on the left. This will be my new electronics DIY corner. As you can see in the middle there is space for all my measuring equipment. On the left there is a TFT screen on a flexible arm mount. I can pull it towards me or completely turn it away. It is good to have a PC on there since usually I need to look at schematics etc and usually I have them stored somewhere digitally. Also all the Yusynth documentation is online so I just look on the website to see where everything needs to go. On top there is room for the modular synthesizer I'm currently building. There is lots of room for modules as you can see.

In the picture on the right on top you can see how the modules will be mounted. I haven't got any modules completely finished yet, but what you see here are the front panels that I already constructed. Next to the desk I put another flexible 19 inch rack that now holds my Cwejman S1 MKII and the Anywhere Instruments Semtex XL. I put them there because they are both 5 HE and that didn't fit in the upper cabinets. And of course I want to be able to easily reach them to turn the knobs. So I decided not to put them into the lower cabinets. On the desk you also see three new Mooger Froogers that I recently acquired. They are the Murf, 12 stage phaser and the analog delay units. I'm sure they will be helpful there in building some nice sounds.

Here is another close-up of the middle part. On the left is my oscilloscope, then right to that on top a lab multi meter that has RS-232 and can store data on the PC, below that a frequency counter and then two lab power supplies. Below the right power supply is my soldering iron. This is the equipment I use to build, test and calibrate the modular synthesizer. This will not me an overnight project by the way. It will probably takes some years before it is completely like I have it in my mind. But it is nice to have this equipment right in front of me now and also have a decent workspace to work on my DIY projects. Before I did this sitting on the floor by the way ;)

On top of the whole thing is the ASM-2 cabinet that Gerrit also build for me from the same wood as the desks. It looks very nice, but the whole thing has become a bit higher than I anticipated :) So I'm not sure they if it will stay on top. But I'll see about that later. I have more work to be done now first. In this new desk all the power is already connected as well, but I'm not done fitting equipment in the lower cabinets. In the first picture you can see by the way that in the left lower cabinet I mouted three 19 inch drawers that are very convinient. I can store tools and part in there. I'll probably do the same on the right side. In this way I won't have any loose stuff laying on my workspace. All in all I'm very happy with this new desk and place to work and it combines great with the main desk. Unfortunately it is impossible to get them both in one picture, but I'm sure you can imagine that yourself :)

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