22 February 2009

Cinema Glimpse

It has been quiet on this blog for a while. The reason for this is that I went on a short holiday with the family. (I will tell you about this in a later post). I promised a while ago to show you a glimpse of the Home Cinema we build together with the new Apollo Studio. It is adjacent to the studio and will function as well as listen room for my music. And since I'm also planning to do some video/visuals in the future it will be a great place to show some of my work to other people. Here you see a picture of the chairs we bought for the cinema. As you can see two cup holders per chair :) Very nice.

There are 6 seats in total in the cinema. They are all build onto a special podium that raises the back seats about 22 centimeter so that the back row can easily look over the front row. In the podium we build a so called 'but kicker'. This is a device that is connected to the sub woofer output of the surround amplifier and makes the whole podium shake. Very cool I can tell you :) This but kicker has a lot of power there is a 1200 Watt amplifier to power this but kicker only. It really adds an extra dimension to a movie when there is an explosion for example or you see some dinosaurs passing by in Jurassic Park :)

Here is a picture of the screen. It is a special high contrast and high definition screen. It is 3 meters wide and it looks stunning :) You can also see some of the speakers. This is a 7.1 set that we previously had in our living room. The main and surround speakers are KEF speakers that sound really good in my opinion. The subwoofer I use is a REL quake. I'm still fiddling around with the sound in the cinema. Just like in the studio we are doing some acoustic measurements and treatment in there. At the moment I'm experimenting there with some bass traps. It already sounds very nice, but I'm sure it can get even better with some more work.

The last picture I'm going to show you is our beamer. We used to have a normal beamer in the living room, but this one is specially designed for home cinema use. It is full HD (1080p) and in combination with the high contrast screen it really looks stunning. To be honest I have never seen a picture as good as this, not even in the cinemas we use to visit. It is really addicting to look at the picture of this screen I can tell you. Once you start watching you cannot stop. This is really a dream come true here.

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