22 February 2009

OceanoGraphy Inspiration

Last week we spend a very nice holiday with the family at sea. We started our trip in Miami and visited George Town in the Cayman Islands and Cozumel on and Island of Mexico. I can tell you it was very relaxing and also very inspirational. Some of you might have heard in the last interviews I did, that I'm working on several new musical projects at the moment. One of projects is an album that will be about the Earth's oceans. This album will be called OceanoGraphy and I hope to release it in the end of 2009. I spend many hours just looking at the sea at views just like the one here. I think there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of the water and looking at the sea.

In the Cayman Islands we did a very cool thing. We went on a real submarine! It holds 48 people that all have their own seat and window, providing a spectacular view. We went down to a depth of about 103 feet (31 meters). The cabin of the submarine was pressurized so we didn't really noticed the depth, but I can tell you this is quite deep. We were down there for about 45 minutes and saw some amazing things, a lot of fish of course, but also sea turtles, a ship wreck and an under water statue of a mermaid. What I didn't know is that under water the colors are different. Some colors are filtered out earlier than others from the suns light spectrum. On the depth we were at the color red was almost gone, so everything looked kind off blue and green. This was a truly very inspiring trip not to be forgotten.

As you know I record a lot of sounds for my music myself. Especially on holidays like this I always take my mobile recorder with me. I did a lot of sampling on the boat but also when we were of. We visited a marina park especially for this reason. I talked to the management there and they allowed me to sample there. Here you can see me sampling the sounds of a dolphin that was specially singing for me there. You will hear these sounds for sure on the album when it is released. So look out for that later this year. But first I have to finish the studio. I think I need another two weeks of work and then I should be able to start working on my music again. Of course I will update you on the progress of this project and also the other projects I'm working on. Just keep reading this blog :)

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