04 April 2008


I added an UAD1e PCI Express card to my audio PC. It is a DSP card that offloads the CPU of the audio PC. I use it to run special VST effects in Sonar that are actually run on this card. It works about the same as the PowerCore X8 I already have. The difference is that this card is internal and off course other VST's are with it. I got a voucher to download extra plugins and I especially loved DreamVerb (a very nice reverb) and the Space Echo emulation. It sounds way better by the way than the Boss RE-20 that I bought and offcourse it is syncable to the host tempo and also you can save presets with the project. So this one is better to use in productions, but the RE-20 is nicer just to jam with, without me having to boot up the PC and start a Sonar project. So Both of both worlds :) You can find more information here: http://www.uaudio.com/products/index.html

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