14 April 2008

E-day 2008

E-day was very nice. I was home at 2:00 AM last night. As you can see I had my own stall, where I sold some CD's and the new T-shirts. I talked to a lot of people also that already bought my CD. Always nice to speak to people and get some feedback. Luckily all very positive :) I also had a notebook with me with 3 tracks from my new CD. I was good to get some feedback on that as well. I still have a lot of work though on the album, but a day like this really motivates me to get me going on. The concerts from Ron Boots and Edgar Froese were very nice as well. I really enjoyed them.

I forgot to mention that my wife Marina and my very good friend Hanz were also on the stand on E-day. Especially my wife was there all the time also during the concerts. She had a very long day. I appreciate it a lot, since this way I could watch the concerts myself and walk around a bit. The picture you see on the right was made by a Dutchman called Marco, who visited the stand and bought my album there. (Marco I hope you will enjoy it!). The next event by Groove will be on the 11th of October and is called E-live. I will be present for sure.

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