10 April 2008

Extra Monitoring Headphones

I bought an extra pair of monitoring headphones next to my Sennheiser 650. I really love the sound of the Sennheiser but they are open headphones. A lot of times I do listening of my tracks on my notebook in the living room and then my wife complains that she hears it as loud as I do and I set them louder than usual because she is watching TV. So I decided to look for some closed monitoring headphones. I listened to a lot of them and decided to go for the AKG K271. The sound is really good and a bit different in character than the Sennheiser which I think is a good . It is always wise to judge mixes on different kinds of speakers and headphones. Another advantage is that I don't have to keep carrying my headphones around between the studio and the living room. These ones stay in the living room now. Even having them on without music is nice, because it damps the noise of the kids :) but usually I listen to music anyway.

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