05 April 2008

AtmoSphere Studio Tech (Part 9)

In the previous posts I focussed mainly on the input side of my audio PC, but off course it is also quite nice to hear the output somewhere. I work a lot at night in my studio so for a large part I rely on my headphones. Most mixing I do on a Sennheiser HD590. I really love the details you can hear on these. The only thing that is hard to judge on headphones is the low end (bass) of a mix. For that I use a surround setup of Behringer Thruths. They are not the best monitors you can buy, but they are very nice to just listen music on as well. So more Hifi graded. I still want to buy a decent pair of stereo monitors to do my mixing on, but I haven't heard anything that I really like yet.

I also use two monitor controllers in my studio. The most important one is the Presonus Central Station. I really love this one. You have two headphone inputs and it also has a very good AD converter build in. So I can directly put SPDIF in there. In the picture on the right you see again a simplified version of my studio schematic. You can see that two SPDIF signals go to the central station. The other Monitor controller is a SPL surround controller. My Behringer Thruths are connected on there. But I route the front stereo speakers from the surround setup throught the central station now temporary until I find new stereo monitors, but I will wait with that until my new studio is ready? Again a new studio??? Yes :) I have some nice new plans that I will unravel soon here on my blog. So keep watching this blog for news.

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