17 May 2012

Ripping FLAC and MP3 for new Download Shop

As you might have read before, I'm currently building a new web shop for my record label Groove Unlimited. I'm in the process of finalizing and testing now together with Ron Boots. From this new shop Groove will sell all my music as CD's but also as downloads. At the moment you can already buy my music on other places as MP3, but new will be that they will be also available as FLAC. This is a loss-less compression that assures that what you get is exactly the same as it is on the CD's. So you will get full quality including all the artwork from me. At the moment I'm ripping all my CD's to FLAC and MP3 and listening to all the tracks to make sure they are perfect. I hope we will have the webshop online very soon. I'll let you know when there is news of course!

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