06 May 2012

Back from Denmark with Ron Boots and Families

We just got back from a great week on holiday together with Ron Boots and both our families. We rented a house in Borkhavn in Denmark for a week and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. We had a lot of luck with the weather over there. A lot of sunshine and no rain. We even got sunburn when we visited the Legoland park. Next to the little trips we took over there and the nice dinners and lunches, we also made a lot of new music. In the picture you can see the temporary studio we created in the living room, were we played a lot together. Ron is playing the Korg Kronos and I was playing the Clavia Nord Wave. We recorded everything on my notebook even though Ron brought his notebook too. I had a listen back to the music and I think the outcome is really interesting and very different from what we played on 'Refuge en Verre' last time.

Here is another nice picture of Ron and me that we took on one of the trips. The nature around Borkhavn is really great and you can even encounter a lot of wildlife. We had a really close encounter by the way with 6 deers that crossed the road when we were driving about 100 Km/h. We had to break very hard not to hit them. Quite a scary experience I can tell you. From now on we are going to take these 'animal crossing' warning signs seriously ;) Back home now I'm going to see if I can open all the Cakewalk projects on my studio PC and I guess Ron and me will be starting by selecting some tracks from the stuff we played for release consideration. We really have a lot, so we can be selective. I'll visit Ron next week to listen to it all and then we will decide what will happen with it. But my feeling is that we have enough good stuff for a CD release. But of course it is a collaboration project, so it is not only up to me. I'll let you know when we made a decision on this matter. Now back to my normal life :)


Anonymous said...

Mooi dat het goed gaat met de muziek,jullie houden de hobby van velen levend!

Greatz Martin Veenstra

Hoge noorden Drenthe

Synth.nl said...

Dank je wel :)