05 May 2012

E-Day 2012 Aftermath

Some days just fly by like they happened in a blink of an eye. E-Day 2012 was one of those days. I planned to do so much, but eventually I spend the whole day talking to a lot of people and even missed the first two concerts because of that. The only downside was that I mostly talked to people that already have all my music, so I only sold 2 CD's during the whole day, but well the talks were nice and at least I could tell those people that there is new music on the way. I told them that the collaboration CD with Remy is planned for October (if we make it) so that next time I'll have something new on my stall at E-live. And I also told them that I was going to leave for Denmark the next day on a holiday together with Ron Boots and both our families and some synthesizers, so something new might come out of that as well.Thanks to Remy Stroomer by the way for the picture :) I'll update you soon on the weekend with Ron Boots.

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