16 November 2011

Virtual DIY Project (Part 4)

I worked a lot on the virtual DIY project the last days. I also modeled some new components again for it. In the picture you see a white Molex connector on the bottom right corner of the PCB that I made myself and in the middle you can see two black Heat Sinks on the power regulators that I modeled. It is so much fun to create this stuff from nothing.

On the right is an overview render I made just before I put these components on the PCB, but I think it looked nice in this perspective so I did want to share this one as well with you. All components on this PCB are hand placed, so I think you can imagine how much work this has been. On the bottom right are also some new components I modeled. Some capacitors in green, red and broken white.

 Here is another overview picture from another angle that I made using the 'depth of field' feature in Cinema 4D R13 to make it look more artistic. I think it turned out quite OK even though I'm still trying to improve my skills especially on lighting objects. I focused the camera somewhere in the middle of the picture so you see that the foreground and background is a bit blurred out.

And here is one more overview picture on the right. The modeling of the PCB is now completely finished. I'm just working now a bit more on texturing and lighting to make close-up shot nicer. But I'll call this project as good as done now. Next thing up is make some kind of intro animation with it for a DIY movie that I'm planning. More following later on that. I guess that this will take a while before it is done and ready to show. So a little patience please :) I hope you enjoyed this so far at least. Oh and just in case you missed it in the previous posts. You can click on the pictures for a larger version.

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