13 November 2011

Virtual DIY Project (Part 2)

Last night I worked some more on the PCB. I downloaded some of the components you see here, but also designed some of them myself. I'm quite happy actually about the blue Bourne trimmers I created. So slowly but surely I'm filling the PCB. I also had some work on bending the legs of the components. I ended up using the bend deformer in Cinema 4D. Great stuff once you understand how it works :)

And here is the project again a step further in completion. Now I also added some header connectors and capacitors. I also made the ceramic capacitors (brown) and polyester capacitors (red) from scratch. As you can see the three modules on the PCB next to each other are identical, so it was easy to copy paste them. I only had to make some minor adjustment to the placement of a few parts.

And here is a complete overview of the whole PCB, so you can see how far I'm into the project now. You can click on all the pictures for a bigger version by the way. I still have lots of work to do, but it is so much fun that I seem to lose track of time when I'm working on it. I can't wait to start animating it. I think I have most necessary components now, so for the major part of the projects it will be copying components and placing them in the right spot. More coming soon :)

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