14 November 2011

Virtual DIY Project (Part 3)

I worked a few more hours on the virtual DIY project. The first thing I did is to bend the leads of the transistors to  match them with the holes on the PCB. During this process I also experimented a bit with the new physical rendering engine of Cinema 4D R13. It is a completely new render engine and it supports depth of field now. This engine looks way better than the old one, but I have to learn how to use it now. Here was my first attempt.

I'm sure it will get better :) The rest of the pictures on this post are rendered with the old render engine by the way. In the picture on the right you can see the new part of the PCB that I made last night. I didn't make any new objects this time, just a lot of copying, pasting, rotating and placing objects. I think it is starting to look quite OK already, but still lots to do.

And in the picture on the left is an overview picture. As you can see I'm about half way now. I think I'll need about 2 more days to get all the components on the PCB. I don't mind though it is fun to see this project grow and I'm learning a lot in the mean time about Cinema 4D R13. A lot of new features to discover and also I have to get used to the fact that some functions have moved to different places in the user interface. More soon!

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