20 September 2011

Final Text Apollo Album Online

Today I finalized the artwork for the Apollo album. It had to be sent to the pressing plant today in order to make the release date on the 1st of October. My friend Hans helped my out a lot with correcting and improving the text and Remy Stroomer helped me out with the layout. Thanks guys! I just put some of the text online for you to read on my website, so you can already read what inspired me to create this album and you can also read what all 12 tracks will be about. There is some more text in the booklet that goes with the CD. So you can read that later on if you buy the album. Concerning the music I just suggested some minor last second changes after listening to the masters again today. Probably nobody will hear the difference :) So we are as good as done with all the music as well. Two radio shows will probably air the first tracks from Apollo this coming weekend. After that some previews will be online, but I'd like to give them the premiere. You can read the text here http://www.synth.nl/Apollo also the pre-order link is on there ;)

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