24 September 2011

Apollo Radio Premiere on Syndae #148

I know I made you wait a long time for this album and I'm sorry for that. It took a lot more work this time than I anticipated to finish off the album, but now I have good news. Finally you can hear a first glimpse of the music of the album. On Syndae podcast #148 Stefan has another premiere. He plays the opening track of the album called 'LaunchPad'. It closes of the show, so it is the latest track. Stefan didn't play to whole track by the way, but at least it will give you an idea how the album starts. More will come soon, I'm sending out the album previews to several radio shows this weekend. I hope you enjoy it and do let me know what you think. It is always scary and exciting at the same time to release a new album out there. You can find the Syndae podcast on this URL: http://www.syndae.de

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