17 September 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 14)

Last week I was in the USA for a business trip, but I took my notebook and headphones with me. In this way I could continue the mastering process with Hanz by listening and giving feedback. But I could also work more on my 3D project in the time I had left between meetings. On the left you see a picture of the Saturn V rocket on the launch pad. As you can see the crawler that transported it is gone. I simulated the filling of the rocket with liquid Oxygen. During this filling you can see the fumes coming from the rocket. An awesome sight. Of course this will be all animated in the movie.

Another scene I did is the famous Earth Rise picture. I animated this by moving across the surface of the Moon with a steady view of the partly lighted Earth in the back. I also did some work on the whole moon landing and take off sequence, but I don't have any nice still pictures of those at this time, since I'm not completely happy yet with them. But the animations are useable enough now for the movie.

After the take off from the Moon part of the Moon lander stays on the Moon. Only the cabin, called ascent stage, is returning to dock with the Command Module again. This is also called the Rendez-Vous. After this the 2 crew members that were in the Moon Lander return to the Command Module and the Ascend Stage is jettisoned into space, since it is no longer necessary.

After this they return the astronauts return to Earth in the Command Module, but before they re-enter the Earth's atmosphere the capsule separates from the rest of the Command Module that is then also jettisoned into space. So eventually from the whole Saturn V rocket you saw in the first pictures only the capsule on the left remains and lands back into the Ocean.

Tonight I'm going to visit my friend Hans again for another mastering session. I hope we can finish everything tonight actually. I'll keep you updated on that.

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