02 June 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 9)

The last week I worked some more on the 3D work for the Apollo teaser video. One scene I had to make was the Orbiter and LEM docked together. I used the occasion to work some more on the materials as well of the orbiter that I took from the LaunchPad scene I did before. I think it looks much better now actually. The downside is though that I'll have to re-render all the scenes I did before. But ah well I don't doubt that I was going to do that anyway since I leaned a lot already in the mean time again.

Here is another nice shot of them docked together. As you can notice I left the background black. I did that intentionally. On all photo's from outer space that NASA provides you don't see stars. So I guess it is more realistic this way even though you miss some reference to your position when you animate these scenes. Camera movements for example are less easy to experience. But it does make it look more mysterious as well and that is good :)

Then I realized something else when I was animating the docking scenes. When the orbiter docks for the first time with the LEM. The LEM is still inside the third stage of the Saturn V rocket and has to be extracted. So I have to do that scene as well. And I reversed the scene I had made to make it an Undocking scene in stead of the Docking scene. That was easy enough to fix. The animation turned out quite OK I think even though I haven't done any retro rocket action yet
I also have to do another docking scene that happens when the crew returns from the surface of the Moon back to the Orbiter. But then the LEM will have lost its descend stage. So that is just a matter of deleting that. Should be a piece of cake now. OK enough again for now. And yes I'm STILL working on the music too :) Don't worry. I know it is taking up a lot of time, but I think the result is getting nice already :) Just a bit more tweaking around. I'll keep you posted as always!

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