15 April 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 5)

I planned to work more on the music for Apollo last week, but I had to do another little job in between. I'll tell you more about that after the weekend. In the mean time I also did some more 3D animations for Apollo. I finished the whole parachute deploy sequence now with the three parachutes  attached to the capsule. I think it turned out quite OK. Now I need some nice camera movements and this scene is done.

A new scene I started will be just before the parachute scene. This is the part where the capsule enters the Earth's atmosphere as a burning asteroid. The capsule is designed as a blunt object to reduce speed through the resistance of the air molecules, but that friction results in a lot of heat. I used the pyro cluster functionality to create the effect of fire and smoke. It looks very cool when you see the animation. I'm also experimenting with the same pyro cluster to create the rocket engines I'll need later on. If you are at the E-day festival tomorrow in Oirschot (NL) you can see all my animated scenes on my stall.

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