01 April 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 4)

I'm still working on my 3D project. As usual I'm having new idea's all the time for my movie. Since it is a lot of work though I decided that I'll split it up in two parts. First a teaser movie before the album is released. This movie will be a lot shorter but will give you an impression. Later when the album is released there will be a longer promo video. In the left you can see a splashdown scene I'm working on. The ocean and the sky in the scene are actually animated :) It looks very cool I think.
I'm now working an animating the opening of the parachutes. That is by far the most complex thing I have done so far. I bought a model for this, but it was originally in Lightwave and I'm working in Cinema 4D. All the animations and morphs didn't translate unfortunately. So I had to redo all of them. That cost me a day to figure out only how the morphing works. Well now I know ;) I'm now working optimizing the timing for the whole sequence. It consists of 6 animations and morphs in total all stitched together. When that is done I have to make three of them and see how they work and interact together. I'm still enjoying this stuff a lot, but it does take up a lot of time to figure out and then wait for the rendering each time before you can make an adjustment again. OK enough for now. After the weekend I'm getting back to the music of Apollo as well. I guess I had enough of a break now.

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