29 March 2011

Eventide 2016

I recently sold some stuff from the studio to buy an effects processor that I recently heard and fell in love with instantly. It is an Eventide Reverb 2016. It is the reincarnation of the famous and very rare SP2016. You can see it in the picture just above the Eventide 4000DSP in the bottom. Today I hooked it up and gave it a spin. And it lived up to the expectations :) What a sound! If you are curious what it sounds like go to this URL: http://www.retrosynth.com/~analoguediehard/studio/effects/eventide_2016/ and listen to the demo's. I was sold when I heard them. I especially love the preset #5 called  'Deep Reverb'. It is so alive. Can't wait to use it in a track, but I don't think I'm going to use it any more on Apollo since I'm too far with the tracks already. And yes I'm still working on the album. I'll post an update soon.

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