20 March 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 3)

In the mean time I'm also still working on the promo video for the Apollo project. At least I can rest my ears when I'm working on that. I just made another scene for the video project. Here you can see a render a made of the Apollo rocket on the launchpad in a night view. It is a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it in the end. This 3D work also involves a lot of waiting by the way. Rendering a picture like this alone takes about 45 minutes on my notebook. I have to get more CPU power to do this work soon.

If I'm going to do animations like this I can't even get it done in time :) For your idea: PAL video is 25 frames per second. So that is 25 * 60 = 1500 frames per minute. Make a 10 minute video and that is 15000 frames! And then take the 45 minutes per frame. Then you are rendering 675,000 minutes and that equals 11,250 hours and that is 468 days :/ So I guess I'll be building a little rendering farm here soon, so that I can do the calculations on several PC's at the same time. But then I'll have to buy the most expensive license for the 3D software I'm using to be able to do that. So this project will involve some investments :/ I do hope to earn them back in the long run though by doing some paid 3D jobs some day. We'll see :)

On the right above you see a day time picture I made of a scene where the Apollo rocket on its mobile launch platform is towed on the launch pad by the crawler transporter. I still have to work on the back ground of the scene, but I think the whole things looks quite OK. For your reference I included this picture on the left. That is an actual picture from that time of course in black and white even :) I'll work some more on the scenes and of course eventually animate them. I'm so excited on this project. I can't wait to put my music under it eventually. More soon!


Jens said...

Great work. Hope you can render it in time.

Synth.nl said...

Thanks Jens. I need more CPU :)