13 October 2010

SammichSID (Part 6)

And here is the final post on this SammichSID project. Both SammichSID's are finished now, painted and all. I said before that I'm not very good with paint and I'm not 100% happy about the result, but I think it looks good enough. The text in another colour does give it a bit more dimension to it. I tried some different methods on all the texts, but the result was the same every time. Just not enough paint in the engraving. Maybe my paint was too thick? Ah well never mind I'm done with it :)

And here is one of them a bit more up close. You can also see that the light that lights up the display from the back shines through the case. That actually gives nice effect I think next to the knob. All in all I really enjoyed building these two and I would really recommend you to buy you kit soon when you want to build one, because Wilba (the guy that designed them and supplies the kits) already announced that he is doing a final batch of 50 pieces and then he is going to stop with them. So last chance!

And here one last picture to conclude this post of the two SammichSID's together with their big brother the MB-6582 that I also build myself a while ago. Compared to the MB-6582 the SammichSID is a lot smaller of course and it holds only 2 SID chips instead of the 8 in the MB-6582, but the SammichSID sounds just as nice and is a lot easier to build. For the MB-6582 you really need to be more experienced in DIY I think. Of course the MB-6582 offers much more controls on the other side, but is more expensive. Well I leave the choice up to you, but I think if you are into DIY and you like that good old Commodore 64 sound you should really consider building one of these :) I enjoyed building them a lot. Time to make some noise with them :)


Jan R. Kloosterman said...

Fantastisch! (mooi geschilderd ook :-D)

Synth.nl said...

Dank je wel :) Ik ben best redelijk tevreden op zich ja. Maar ja. Je bent een perfectionist of niet he ;)